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Ivresse International was founded in 1972 to manufacture, service, and directly sell products relevant to the hospitality industry.  In the years since, we have been able to acquire the lion’s share of the market in our country both with our own brands, as well as strategic partners such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Hermes, Bigelow, Carlo Corinto, Stern Wolf, etc. Recent changes in international trade, especially procurement bottlenecks, have made it possible for us to offer a much larger variety of products to a wider audience with extremely competitive pricing. 


Our trade agreements with the US and Canada, make us an ideal sourcing partner combining a large manufacturing capacity with very fast lead times considering the relatively short distance.   We are equipped with two production plants as well as centralized offices making for a very robust operation.



Additionally, we have partnered in a mutually exclusive manner with Blue Iceberg Labs LLC, a Texas corporation whose sole purpose is to make sure we offer our clients a complete solution.

Ivresse International and Blue Iceberg Labs make sure we fulfill from our plant, all the way to your desired destination  in a seamless approach.

It is a true honor for all of us who work here, to offer you and the rest of the world the Ivresse and Blue Iceberg promise of quality, service, and responsible sourcing.

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