Procuring directly from the manufacturing plant doest not guaranty the acquisition of exactly what you want. That is, unless, the factory takes reponsability of every step from production lines to your door. Welcome to the world to BLUE ICEBERG LABS LLC. You can breathe easy now…

Best quality, factory direct, ethically sourced products, brought to your door through an integrated, vertical, and seamless process.

BLUE ICEBERG LABS LLC was born during the 2020 pandemic that practically paralyzed the world. We realized several crucial and inconvenient truths. First and foremost, we can’t leave the sourcing of 90% of our products to any particular region in the world. We at BLUE ICEBERG LABS LLC wholeheartedly believe in international trade but cling to a philosophy of ethical sourcing and fairness in the supply chain in a way in which everyone wins. That is why we decided to directly source from strictly vetted manufacturers at fair trade pricing. Finally, we absolutely believe the end buyer should benefit from a better price. We are here to prove that this is possible and hope more companies join us in creating this new model that mitigates the risk of shortages and creates prosperity through a better supply chain system where the manufacturer, intermediaries, and end buyer share the advantages of product specialists like BLUE ICEBERG LABS LLC. 

We believe that we can have an open border trade policy as long as we participate with manufacturers who practice ethycal sourcing and all it implies both socialy and economicaly. Furthermore, we want to make sure great products are brought to you by, sources who not only care about the botton line, but also the experience and added value to the end user. Its not about making quick profits but rather establishing long lasting and mutualy beneficial relationships.


At BLUE ICEBERG LABS LLC we are committed to manufacturing personal care products of the highest quality. This, through the efficiency of our processes, constant innovation of our products, and the  honesty and optimism of our team that is always aimed at continuous improvement.

At BLUE ICEBERG LABS LLC we always work to create a positive experience for your clients, which is why our company is committed to the wellbeing of the environment.

Our company complies rigorously with the manufacturing requirements of its products, as well as with the legal regulations and regulations of the public health, occupational and environmental authorities.

During the elaboration of its products, we take it  into account the conservation of the water, minimised residues, conservation of sources and  efficient to conserves energy. 

You will find in the packaging our Go Green environmental commitment brand, as well as the recycling suggestion seal.

All products manufactured by BLUE ICEBERG LABS, are Oxo biodegradable.